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曲 靖 祛 痘 印 哪 家 医 院 好曲 靖 靖 美 整 形 医 院 整 形 中 心曲 靖 医 院 切 眼 袋 多 少 钱 What if the time you aly spend in front of a mirror could make you the most beautiful person?如果你在镜子前花费的时间,可以使你成为最美丽的人,会怎么样呢?Many smart mirrors aly make this promise, but HiMirror is the first one you can actually buy, and it costs 9.很多智能镜子已经实现了这一承诺,但是HiMirror是你可以真正购买的第一面镜子,售价189美元。The secret sauce comes in the form of a camera that captures your au naturel visage to analyze your complexion, before offering you tips on how to get better skin.其秘密武器以相机的形式呈现,通过捕捉你的原始面貌来分析你的气色,然后为你提供如何改善皮肤的提示。It houses a 14-inch LCD screen and has a camera sitting in the middle of a ring flash, which helps light your face for better images.它有一个14英寸的液晶屏,相机位于环形闪光灯的中间,这有助于照亮你的脸,使成像更好。HiMirror snaps a picture of your face every day to analyze your wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, red spots and pores, so that you can ;take early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals.;HiMirror每天为你的脸拍摄一张照片,来分析你的皱纹、黑斑、黑眼圈、红血丝和毛孔等皮肤问题,以便让你“采取早期措施,以改善你的皮肤,实现你的美容目标。”In addition, HiMirror will play tutorial s on proper skin-care techniques, stream music from Spotify and show you the weather forecast and UV index.此外,HiMirror将播放关于适当护肤技术的教程视频、来自音乐务网站的数据流音乐,并为你显示天气预报和紫外线指数。You can also tell it the types of beauty products you use, and it can determine whether they#39;ve been effective in treating your target areas.你还可以告诉它你使用的美容产品的类型,它可以确定这些美容产品是否能够有效治疗你的目标区域。Adding a product to ;Beauty Box; simply requires holding up its barcode to the camera and scanning it. It#39;s not clear yet how many brands and products this feature supports, but most big brands are recognized.添加一个产品到“美容盒子”只需要将其条形码拿到相机上并进行扫描即可。目前尚不清楚此功能持多少品牌和产品,但是可以识别大多数大品牌。In fact, most of your interactions with HiMirror will involve the camera or the motion detector below the screen. Wave your hand to the right to slide to the next screen, and move your hand up or down to navigate options.事实上,你和HiMirror的大多数互动将涉及相机或屏幕下方的运动探测器。隔空向右挥手可以滑动到下一个屏幕,向上或向下来浏览选项。You can press the buttons on the mirror#39;s right edge to toggle brightness, speaker volume or mode. You can also use voice commands to control the device, although the functions here are somewhat limited.你可以按镜子右边缘的按钮来切换亮度、扬声器音量或模式。虽然功能有限,但是你也可以使用语音指令来控制设备。You#39;ll always have to say the trigger phrase (;Hi Mirror, listen;) before speaking a command, and the system doesn#39;t yet understand contextual follow-up questions.不过在说出指令之前,你总是需要说出触发词(“Hi Mirror,listen”),目前该系统还不能理解情景对话。The company also makes a smart scale that can be paired with the mirror which will measure your body weight and fat percentage, and send that information to the mirror (and your phone).该公司还制造了一个智能秤,可以和镜子配合使用,测量你的体重和脂肪比率,并将该信息发送给镜子(和你的手机)。The mirror#39;s display will then play s and dispense information on how to get to your goal weight.然后镜子的显示器将播放视频并提供信息使你达到目标体重。 /201612/483489Oxford Dictionaries suspended its #OneWordMap most-hated words project. An update to the blog post describing the feature stated: “We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website.”牛津字典暂停了话题#OneWordMa——最可恨单词这个项目。客上更新道:“我们很遗憾地通知用户,由于严重滥用,我们不得不把这个功能从我们的网站上撤销。”It’s possible that the suspension stemmed from the apparent outpouring of anti-Islam sentiment in the submissions to the project. Some Twitter accounts posted screenshots purporting to show that Oxford Dictionaries had barred certain sensitive words, like “Islam,” from submission prior to the decision to take down the project. 此次暂停有可能是源于在项目提交时对反伊斯兰情绪的明显流露。一些推特账户发布的截图显示,在决定拿下这个项目之前,牛津字典已经禁止提交如“Islam(伊斯兰教)”等某些敏感词汇。However, the nature of the misuse was not specified in the site’s statement, and Oxford Dictionaries had not responded to a request for more details about why the program was halted.然而,滥用的定义并没有在网站的声明中指定,而且牛津字典也没有回应终止原因的更多细节。PREVIOUSLY: Do you hate the word “moist”? Well, congratulations: You’re in excellent company. The word ― usually applied with varying degrees of ickiness to cake or to bodily orifices ― holds a legendary power of repulsion, and a new project by Oxford Dictionaries to compile people’s most hated English-language words is confirming this. 回顾:你讨厌“moist(潮湿)”这个词吗?好吧,恭喜你:你和大众品味一致。这个词通常指蛋糕或身体器官上不同程度的粘度——拥有一种奇葩的厌恶感,由牛津字典的一个新项目所编辑的“人最讨厌的英语单词”实了这一点。As of this writing, the website counts over 14,000 submissions, broken down by country, and “moist” hovers at or near the top of the list in the ed States, the ed Kingdom, Australia and Canada.在撰写本文时,网站上有超过1万4000次的提交,根据国家进行分类,在美国、英国、澳大利亚和加拿大,“湿润”这一单词徘徊或接近了榜首。 /201609/468672曲靖/吸脂减肥手术哪家医院好

曲 靖 哪 里 割 双 眼 皮 的 医 院 比 较 好The one-earring trend has been evolving for a few seasons now but for Spring Summer 2017, it was all over the runway.单边耳环经历几季的发展,即将在2017年春夏席卷而来。A continuous motif, rather than sporting the traditional two, designers have lightened the accessory load with just one, single well-dressed ear.一个延伸的图案,而不是传统意义上的两个耳环,设计师们用一个精心打扮过的耳朵使配饰大放光。At once edgy, a lone earring has the ability to make anyone look cool but it can be a difficult-to-master trend. Nobody wants to channel Captain Jack Sparrow.在过去的时尚中,单边耳环的确能使人看起来非常酷,却极少有人能驾驭这种时尚。就像没人想指挥杰克#8226;斯帕罗船长。The appeal here is in its grandeur but whether you opt for an oversized ear cuff or a shoulder-grazing statement earring is up to you.单边耳环追求的是富丽堂皇,但是选择巨大的全耳式耳环还是垂肩式耳环的权利在你手中。On the runway, none of the looks were small or understated as designers opted for accessories that were over-scaled and often hung way down onto the shoulder.在这条时尚道路上,没有一个单边耳环是小的,也没人能理解,因为设计师常将它们设计为巨大的、挂在肩膀上的饰品。For Mary Katrantzou, a collection that harked back to her Greek roots saw enlarged, single olive-leaf earrings in electric blue, gold and yellow slung-low, in some instances, as far as the chest.对于玛丽#8226;卡特兰佐来说,一件以铁蓝色和金色为主的放大单橄榄叶片式的耳环能使她的思绪飘回了希腊,在某种程度上,直达了她的内心。But, for designers like Roksanda and Tibi, it was arty, geometric shapes that set the standard. Both designers chose to craft their designs in gold and while Tibi’s offering looked strikingly sculptural, Roksanda opted for interlocking warped shapes.但是对于像洛克山达和蒂比这样的设计者来说,附庸风雅、几何形状的耳环好像被设置成了标准。几乎所有设计师都选择用黄金手工制作他们的作品,然而蒂比提供的是惊人的雕塑,洛克山达选择了连锁的扭曲图案。From Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Kenzo, Vetements and Loewe, the asymmetrical earring trend persisted and taught us that when it comes to wearing a single stud dangler there’s just one rule: make it memorable.从让#8226;保罗#8226;高提耶、巴尔曼、凯卓、威特门兹到罗意威,这种不对称耳环的潮流一直存在并且告诉我们,当佩戴单个耳环时,只有一条准则:使它难以被人忘记。A look that requires guts and the ability shake off remarks from folk telling you you’ve lost an earring, the key is to choose something unmissable.摒弃人们觉得你是丢了一只耳环的闲言碎语,这样的装扮需要胆量和魄力。而关键在于选择一些看起来不易遗失的单品。Geometric shapes, spindly metal wires, tassels, gems and color; no plain set of earrings will do.细长的几何形金属丝、流苏、宝石和对应的色;没有一套普通的耳环会这样设计。You might even have a pair that you can recycle by just choosing to wear one but if you’re after something really special, a slew of retailers are aly selling singular earrings.你甚至可以拥有一对却选择轮流只戴一个,但是如果你特别喜欢独特的东西,一大批零售商已经开始售卖单个装的耳环了。Brave it alone, mix and match or wear with smaller matching rings or studs on the opposite ear. This season, it’s time to embrace the single life.勇敢地选择小众,混搭的风格,在另一只耳朵上搭配或戴上小一点儿的相配耳环或饰品。这一季,到了拥抱单边单品的时候了。译文属 /201703/500203曲 靖 市 会 泽 县 隆 胸 多 少 钱 曲靖/市会泽县上睑下垂矫正多少钱

曲 靖 市 中 医 医 院 光 子 嫩 肤 多 少 钱Some 6 million Chinese are expected to travel abroad during the upcoming Spring Festival holidays, a record high for a weeklong holiday, according to a report by the online travel agency Ctrip.据在线旅行代理携程的一则报告显示,六百万国人有望在即将到来的春节期间出境旅游,这将创下春节黄金周的记录。;China#39;s Spring Festival holidays from January 27 to February 2 will be a global Golden Week, with an estimated 6 million Chinese traveling overseas,; the company said in a report sent to the Global Times last Tuesday.携程在上周二发给《环球时报》的一份报告中写道:“从1月27日到2月2日的中国春节将是全球黄金周。估计将有六百万国人出境旅游。”The 10 most popular destinations include Thailand, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, according to the report.据该报告称,最受欢迎的十大目的地包括泰国,日本,新加坡和韩国。Given the unstable political situation in South Korea and the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, Chinese enthusiasm for that country has cooled, Zhang Lingyun, director of the Tourism Development Academy at Beijing Union University, told the Global Times.北京联合大学旅游发展学院主任张凌云在接受《环球时报》采访时表示,由于韩国国内政治环境不稳定,以及终端高空区域防御(THAAD)系统的部署,中国人对韩国的热情已经冷却下来。However, the number of Chinese traveling to Southeast Asian countries, especially the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, is on the rise mainly due to low costs and geographical advantage.由于旅游费用低以及区域优势,到东南亚国家,尤其是菲律宾,越南和柬埔寨的中国人有所增加。Besides, bookings for farther destinations have peaked, with the US and Australia as the most popular.除此以外,距离更远的旅行地点的预约已经达到最高点,其中美国和澳大利亚最受欢迎。The cost of traveling to Thailand, the US and the Philippines is 5 to 15 percent higher than last year. However, it#39;s cheaper to travel to South Korea, Singapore and Italy, down 10-30 percent from the previous year, said the report.该报告指出,到泰国、美国和菲律宾旅行的花费比去年高5%-15%。而去韩国、新加坡和意大利旅行更便宜,比去年低10%-30%。This is mainly the result of market adjustments, according to Zhang. ;Prices remain a major factor to tourists. Besides South Korea, packages to Japan and Taiwan may also be reduced,; he explained.据张凌云主任称,这主要是市场调节的结果。他补充道:“对游客来说,价格依然是重要的因素。除了韩国外,去日本和台湾的套餐价格也有所降低。” /201612/485075 I#39;ve checked up on the thing you asked about, and the response is that basically everyone hates you ...我调查了你所问的东西,所得的答复是基本上每个人都讨厌你…How it is on the top人处高位时是这样的状态的 /201702/492238云南/省曲靖/假体植入丰胸多少钱曲 靖 靖 美 整 形 医 院 抽 脂 怎 么 样

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